Postpartum Support and Resources

The postpartum time can be scary and full of questions. I hope you will take a browse through this info before your birth, so you know what is here and what questions you may have that need more researching.  My goal is to put together some resources here so you can come to one place and have many of your questions answered.  I try to add reputable and evidence-based information here, but I will also be adding some articles that articulate my own feelings on some of these topics.  I hope this page is helpful! Love, Katy

Postpartum Birth Plan and Support –

Visitors and Chores editable word document.
Top Tips for managing visitors

Local Resources

La Leche League of Ann Arbor
The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Baby Wearers
Canton Baby Wearers
The Little Seedling

Breastfeeding –

A Perfect Latch (Video)
Consumer Affairs – Breast Pump Reviews



Baby-wearing International – tips, guides, safety, and benefits


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