Sibling Doula

Sacred Roots offers Sibling Doula Services!

Whether you are planning a home birth or a hospital birth, a Sibling Doula is on-call to step in to support and care for your older children.  When planning a home birth, a Sibling Doula keeps the children occupied and provides explanations as labor progresses.  The kids can remain in the labor room, or be taken out of the house, depending on the mother’s preference.  When planning a hospital birth, a Sibling Doula would come to provide care during early labor if needed, and attend to the children through the birth.  Staying calm, and providing loving answers should the children have questions is an important part of the Sibling Doulas job. Even if you are expecting to have a scheduled Cesarean and need someone to be with the kids while you recover before coming home, we can work with you to keep your children feeling safe and excited to meet their new sibling.

When the Doula is present, she will provide support for the children, and should the birth partner need to attend to them, the Sibling Doula can step in to provide short periods of labor support as well.

We will want to meet with your family AT LEAST one time before labor begins.  Your Doula will want to get to know your child, and make sure they are comfortable with them as well.  We will want to know if there any allergies, fears, or expectations that we should be aware of.  We will be on-call for 4 weeks around your estimated due date, and are available to answer questions or concerns anytime after the time of hire.

Investment: $900 (we also offer a sliding scale based on need)

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